Mod of the Week: Morning Star

Mod of the Week: Morning Star

Week 1

Top-Choice: Ebony Frogmouth Helm by  Elucidace

A rather simple mod but a very welcome addition to the game. You now have the choice between two variants of the Ebony helm: classic (and round) or frog-mouth.

Runner-up: The Definitive Birthsigns Pack by Doy and IceNine0

This is actually a much older mod, but I've always loved it and Pluto re-uploaded it this week. Pluto made a newer version of this mod called Definitive Birthsigns Redux Patch. The birthsigns are quite interesting, some will even have an impact on your gameplay. Not a new mod but a massive Blast From The Past.

Week 2

Top-Choice: Rations by Stripes

I love role-playing and so I might be partial to mods that help me do that. Rations is one such mod. It has a few "ration" items that you can consume (they are in fact potions). You can find rations at the relevant traders, or even carried by relevant npcs. The effects of the rations are just what you would expect of a meal: a bit of health, some stamina, and a very minor buff to an attribute. Now all I need is Ashfall interoperability so the ration feel me as well as heal me ;)