Mod of the Week: Evening Star

Mod of the Week: Evening Star

Week 1

Top Choice: Well Rested by elucidace

This is a very simple mod but I feel it encourages role-play: if you get a good night's sleep, you are fully restored. It goes well with Realistic Injuries where you also need to sleep 8 hours (can be configured) to recover from your injuries.

Week 2

Top Choice: Vapourmist by Tewlowlow

An easy winner this week, Vapourmist is one of those mods that you won't play without once you've installed it: it brings a subtle mist to Morrowind based on weather. The screenshots say more than I could:

Tewlowlow's interview is here, with more information on his modding projects (among other things).

Runner-up: Clockwork City Map by Kalinter

Admittedly, many players might just skip this mop, but, if you use JaceyS' Map and Compass and the massive Sotha Sil Expanded, you will absolutely want this. Maps for Sotha Sil that work with Map and Compass, that simple. It's also Kalinter's first mod and the more modders the merrier!

Week 3

Top Choice: All Books Color-Coded and Designed (ABCD) by XeroFoxx

This mod is going to be a must for anyone who enjoys collecting, reading and displaying books in game.

Originally it was going to be a simple improvement over Daleth's Book Jackets that aimed to make the books more coherent in term of quality (some were photos, others blurry symbols) and colour (quite a few were very vibrant especially with vanilla or vanilla+ textures).

In the end, we have over 300 books (Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon) colour coded (religious texts are green, fiction is purple, etc) but also many of the books have a new illustration.

While the book covers are of high quality, they still fit seemlessly in the game, especially with Intelligent textures.

For a complete book experience, be sure to grab Melchior's Magnificent Manuscripts, Merlord's Book Worm and Switchable Scriptures.

Runner-up: Glowbugs by Melchior Dahrk and Greatness7

The Bitter Coast is for many people a special place, maybe because it reminds us of our first journey in Vvardenfell. It already has a good number of mods to make this region even more atmospherical (Bethesda's official plugin Bitter Coast Sounds, Melchior's Graht trees and Mistify) and now, we have glow bugs. Unlike older mods, the models are vastly better and optimised and thanks to Greatness, they are scripted to behave in a natural way (clusters) and be harvestable.

Week 4

Top Choice: Seph's UI mods

Bring in the eye candy! You'll enjoy this, especially if you like MMORPG as it will find the new UI quite familiar.

There are three mods:

  • Seph's HUD Customizer that lets you resize and/or move every UI element to your liking.
  • Seph's Inventory Decorator makes the icons in your inventory clearer and more informative. You can see at a glance, the scroll, potion, and enchant effect. Once again, you can configure to your taste: want border? background? both? neither? Can do.
  • Seph's Enemy Bars: See your target's health, stamina and magicka and name. Pick a colour (gold or silver) and a style (simple or Skyrim)

Runner-up: By Azura by Lamb Shark

After the amazing Almalexia remake earlier this year, Lamb Shark gifts us an amazing Azura, vastly improving on the vanilla design, letting you choose between 3 versions!

Runner-up: The Inflation by C3pa

This will not be to everyone's taste as it is always the case with economic overhauls/rebalance, but it certainly has an interesting approach.

Basically, prices will vary depending on how rich your character is: prices are lower when your net worth is low, but high if you carry a lot of valuables.

Even better, you can apply the same principle to the prices of services.

You can even decide how your character's worth (and therefore the prices) is calculated: the amount of gold you have, the value of the gear you have equipped, or everything you carry.