Let's Play: Elder Scrolls Online

Let's Play: Elder Scrolls Online

The Story

Of course I had to give ESO a shot. Of course it would never be like Morrowind, of course there will be all kinds of cheap tricks to get me to spend moremoney on the game...
Still, I do enjoy MMORPGs even though I will either play solo or with a friend: I do not enjoy the raids (not time to look around, spend my skill points leisurly, try on the new piece of armour I just got...) or PvP (too much pressure, you need to win, to get better gear, to win, to get better gear, to win...)
I was lucky to be in the beta for ESO and, as someone who enjoys her eye-candy, I really liked the look of ESO.
I did feel the game tried too hard to look like Skyrim but I was not overly surprised: most players would be coming from Skyrim.
One of the biggest surprises for me was how gorgeous the beast races looked: they had never appealed to me because I am such a shallow vanity-player but ESO changed that: I LOVE my Argonian and my Khajiit.

The part I like the most about RPGs is figuring out my character, with MMORPGs, it means figuring out my character: how can I, with a minimum amount of characters, experience all the races, all the classes and all the skills.
In tghe case of ESO, I must admit that once I know what skills I want for my character, I am less inclined to play it.
I choose my skills based on how cool they are, rather than how deadly / efficient, I choose my armour for its looks, sometimes its name rather than defense. I am a lot cause and you see why any sort of competitive gameplay is simply not possible for me!

The let's play

Dunmer was naturally my first choice because Morrowind

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