Feyiin's Troubles: A Morrowind mod.

Feyiin's Troubles: A Morrowind mod.

The Story

Another one of my oldests mod, and yet again, a by-product of Pegasus Estate. Feyiin is the owner of the Pegasus Estate and Feyiin's trouble is how you meet him. Working on this mod, I learnt about dialogues and quests.

The mod

This mod adds an NPC, Feyiin to the region around Seyda Neen. He needs help and will reward you for your efforts. It's right here on the nexus.
Feyiin has a small cave somewhere between Seyda Neen and Pelagiad and you are welcome to use it.
The cave has 2 rooms: one with basic NOM facilities and storage, the other with a bed, an alchemy desk (with a simple ingredient sorter) and more storage. The quest is meant for starter characters and takes place in the Bitter Coast only. The rewards for the quest are balanced: overall, the items you get during and after the quest amount to 500g roughly. They include some potions, a few scrolls, a couple of soul gems, 2 enchanted items (nothing uber), an Amulet to teleport back to the cave and a tunnel that takes the player to Balmora.