Old Shack: A Morrowind Mod

Old Shack: A Morrowind Mod

The story

My very first Morrowind mod review! I picked this mod for two reasons: It is AFreeBurrito's first mod and I firmly believe in encouraging new Morrowind modders, secondly, it is a small mod and I was less likely to mess up!

The review

Name: Old Shack
Author: aFreeBurrito


South of Balmora a little ways past the siltstrider is a shack with a key on the door.

My views:

A simple mod that does what it says on the tin. The shack is simple but conveniently placed and unlikely to conflict with most Balmora mods. I'd replace some of the more valuable objects with more common variants though.

You may find the video on YouTube as well as a bunch of other reviews.