Dagon Fel Mages' Guild: A Morrowind Mod

Dagon Fel Mages' Guild: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

Dagon Fel is a lovely place but there is so little to it! It is no wonder I was drawn to this mod.
That was also Usteeva 's first mod.
It's been updated since this review

The review

Dagon Fel Mages' Guild
Author: Utseeva


This is a small mod, which adds a Guild of Mages to Dagon Fel. The reason why I made this mod was boredom. Also, I plan to make a version of this mod, where you can play some main and misc quests with some non-overpowered rewards. This mod is not compatible with mods, that changes Dagon Fel's area.

My view

Tried it, liked it!

  • blends in MW perfectly
  • well decorated, attention to details
  • most expected services provided
    -- Would love and Epic Dagon Fel compatible version (link your interior to one of the buildings added by Epic Dagon Fel, maybe?)
    EDIT: The newer version is now compatible with Epic Dagon Fel :)
    -- No bed I can (legally) use

Looking forward to quests and dialogues :)