Craft the World: A Game Review

Craft the World: A Game Review

The Story

Even though I am all about Morrowind and by extension Open world fantasy action rpgs, I like the occasional sim, strategy or sandbox game.
I am usually weary of early-access games, too many disappointments, but Craft the Word seemed promising and was on sale~

The Review

I have enjoyed playing Craft the World.
Sure I was expecting the first level to be a tutorial... and spent 15 hours completing it :D
True, at times I wished the dwarves were smarter.
Also true, while the biomes are different, gameplay does get repetitive after completing a couple of levels but I kept on playing nonetheless, wondering what new items I could craft, and firmly intending to make better use of the items I already knew (the lift and the traps in particular)

Items, resources, technologies specific to each biome would go a long way to make the game less repetitive.

I feel however, that adding said items in a DLC would be cheap and greedy.