Morrowind:Bard Edition 2.0

Morrowind:Bard Edition 2.0

The story

I was devastated when my HD died on me, effectively killing my first bard.
But I was quick to see the advantages: new Morrowind install, new modlist, new character <3

In addition, at that time, I felt like I knew what I was doing stream-wise (that obviously is still debatable) and I was full of hope for my new bard: Aureleiana.

I wanted my bard to be a snobbish Imperial, full of herself even though she was afterall, just a prisoner of a boat in Seyda Neen. She swore to never go to jail again, and to never fall in love as well. She would use her talent and charm to get famous and rich.

I've enjoyed (finally) playing as a bard, though choosing to not use weapons or spells was obviously dooming my bard to weakness and dependence on stronger companions.

Overall, I stayed true to my character, she was frivolous, cowardly and superficial. She did steal but only because she couldn't bear to not have certain beautiful objects. In the end, her mistrust in men was justified: Armand left her, Indiana was a tool she never loved. Her most loyal friend was Spot.

The videos

258 episodes of approximately 30 minutes, and we only did a fraction of what there is to do!
The full playlist

And the first episode

The conclusion

Aureleiana achieved fame and fortune but she was not powerful enough to face the Tribunal: Vivec never called her Nerevarine, Almalexia lives and Soltha Sil remains shrouded in mystery.

All of Aureleiana's assets now belong to Arnand though his location is currently unknown.

Spot as we know was mortally injured but it is believed that Sotha Sil saved him and gained a loyal friend.

Indiana (also known as the scrib) will forever mourn his love and never marry.

The Balmora Clothing shop closed due to a lack of merchandise.

The Jolly Troubadour is to this day, the most popular inn of all Tamriel.
Pegasus Estate has been abandoned was no one in Tamriel was either rich or eccentric enough to maintain such a house.

The modlist and comments


As per the S.T.E.P guide recommendations
---Very happy with this guide, make a solid base to then customise the looks of my game so more. The guide is also regulalry updated.

Other mods


Hilgya the seamstress
Raym’s Absolutely Aleatory Accoutrements
---imo a must have, NPCs may wear different clothes every game you start
Expansion Integration
Dark Brotherhood by Westly
Imperial Legion Goods
Fine Clothiers of Tamriel (FCOT)
Triss armour
Dwemer A.R
CanadianIce robe replacer
POTD paintings


Abot’s Water life
Pegas Horse ranch
The Undead
NX9 Daedras
Spriggans and Twiggans
R-Zero’s creaturium
---First time discovering those creatures, loved them

Dungeons, quests, factions

Juniper’s Twin Lamp
---A classic, and I almost played all of it this time!
AK Balmora Clothier
---Won't make you rich, but I still love it
The trouble with Milie
---Scripting hiccups at times but so enjoyable!
Wayfarer’s rest
Silgrad Tower
---The contrast between the beautifully detailed places and the ones obviously still a WIP bothered me but still a good mod.
Morrowind Inhabitants
Balmora Council Club
Dance of the three-legged guar
Sobitur facility
Sotha Sil expanded
---Only played a tiny fraction of this BUT it is clearly a masterpiece, will get back to it.
Trade Disputes
Siege at Firemoth
Master Index


Dumner Nobles Overhaul
---Love this, warning: if you do not use Races Redone, the npcs will be earless.
Starfire’s npc addition
---Still my favourite over MCA as it is more immersive
Hold it
Westly’s modelling agency
Kalian’s hairstyles
Farmers and Miners


Starting equipment
Seyda Neen transport
MNEM races
Levelled magicka
DB attack mod
Encumbrance modifier x10
Speechcraft rebalance
Class Abilities
Useful Starting Spells
MNEM artifacts
MNEM injuries
MNEM Armor
Antares Big Mod
Lazy’s Guild reward abilities



Handy plugins

The Imperial Legion badge
Abot’s take my place
Temple teleports
Melian’s teleportation mod
MWSE containers


Ebonheart Interior
Museum of Artifacts Improved
---First time using this, will keep in my modlist
White Suran
E.V Vivec Hlallu plaza
New Gnisis
Unique Pelagiad
Cavern Overhaul
---Still in beta but very happy with this.
Kilkunda’s Balmora
Dramatic Vivec
---LOVE this, my cpu a little less.
New Gnaar Mok

Other / fixes

Morrowind patch 1.66
Texture fix Bloodmoon
Poorly placed objects fix
Gr script improvements
Better music system
Magic diversity
---Some of the effects are amazing (sound, levitate, intervention are my favourite) a few sounds I didn't like but overall, great mod.