Adventurer's Backpacks: A Morrowind Mod

Adventurer's Backpacks: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

This was originally a vert simple mod: I simply wanted a backpack that carries things, to some extent.
The first step was to give the backpacks a simple feather enchantment. But if you have done any modding yourself, you know that the simplest idea can tirn into a massive project...
In this case, I imagined what an advenutrer's backpack would have: basic camping supplies, a few potions maybe. I cobbled up a script that would give you those itesm when you open (activate) your backpack and then put your gear back when you are ready to go.
Later on, I decided I should be able to add supplies to my backpack when I shop (that's the part where it got a little bit out of hand). Depending on the type of trader you are talking to, you get various supplies added to your pack. You get those supplies when you open your backpack.
It is quite a wonder (and sometimes slight frustration) to see a simple mod of your get more endorsements that you larger and more complex mods, but I guess it's just fine to have any endorsemnts at all;)

The mod

Available on the Nexus

  • Add 2 wearable backpacks to the game.
  • They both have a feather enchantment, and a script: when the backpacks are dropped and activated,
  • You receive various equipment if you asked a trader to fill your backpack with supplies or use the NoM version of this mod.
  • The 3 NoM items you receive (bedroll, pan and firekit) must be in your inventory to pack up an pick up the backpack again.
  • The back packs use the left pauldron slot and have moderate armour.
  • When asking Elone about Balmora for the first time, she will give you directions as well as a backpack. Otherwise, you may purchase either backpacks from Arrile.
  • Additionally, various traders and guild members will offer to fill you backpack with supplies so long as you have the
    backpack and enough gold.
    It goes as follow:
    -- Alchemist service: berseker potions
    -- Apothecary service: restorative draught
    -- Enchanter: filled soul gems
    -- Publican: food and drinks
    -- Smith: hammers
    -- Thief service: lockpicks
    -- Assassin service: poisoned throwing knives
    -- Nightblade service: a lockpick and throwing knives
    -- Mage service: protective scrolls
    -- Sorcerer service: elemental scrolls
    -- Traders, merchants and pawnbroker: an assortment of the above.
  • Mod cleaned with tes3cmd


Unzip in your Data Folder.
Either tick adventurer's backpack.esp (enchanted and scripted backpacks) OR adventurer's backpack-simple.esp (no enchantment nor script) in the Morrowind launcher.
Adventurer's backpack-NoM.esp must be loaded BEFORE NoM (if you have it).