Adanumuran Reclaimed: A Morrowind Mod

Adanumuran Reclaimed: A Morrowind Mod

The Story

Once I was satisfied with A Bard's Life (not to say that the mod is in fact finished), I decided to tackle another RP mod. Initially, I wanted to make a cool thief hideout in a refurbished cave.

I think I even started labeling object in the Construction set aa_th_something.
However, very quickly, the mod evolved: after selecting Adanumuran for its layout, I decided it would be cool to take over the smuggling operation.

From there on, it was all about listing the illegal cargo in Vvardenfell and deciding how to use that in the mod. I opted out of smuggling slaves and skooma was a very late addition: even though I had never rp-ed a skooma addict, a smuggler's operation without it made no sense, lore-wise.

I am mostly happy with the mod as it is, there is one last room that I wanted to add, a trophy room for rare kills. That never happened, because 1/ time 2/let's be honest I put so many features in this mod no one, me included will ever play all of them.

The mod

On the Nexus

Adanumuran is a cave north west of Lake Amaya currently occupied bu Nix-Hounds and bandits.

Once the cave is free of enemies, the player may use it as a base of operation and even generate profit from its smuggling

Features of the cave:

  • Low key furnishing (lore-friendly and reasonably realistic)
  • Only minor changes to the original cave: everything is still there, some objects had to be moved a bit.
  • A training area: working practice dummy, dynamic bow display, re-locking chests, containers for armour and weapons.
  • A living area: a bed, containers for clothes, a small study with containers for books, scrolls and soul gems.
  • A crafting area: Alchemy lab (container, ingredient sorter and apparati), lockpick maker, poison arrow crafting, Skooma lab.
  • A common area: Nom basic facilities (firepit, water barrel and frying pan), containers for food.
  • A display corridor with shelves. The top shelves will automatically be filled as contraband is invested.
  • Many containers
  • Compatible with Cave Overhaul (which I really recommend).
  • Compatible with MCA and The Hostiles -> enemies won't respawn every time you come home.
  • Compatible with NoM

Developing the smuggling operation.

  • Explore Dwemer ruins to find Dwemeri artefacts (included new loot: apparati, lockpicks, hammers)
  • Explore caves to find raw ebony.
  • Steal paintings from manors.
  • Bribe guards.
  • Find lost contraband in shipwrecks.
  • Retrieve stolen property in Imperial evidence chests.
  • Kill smugglers to reduce the competition.
  • Produce your own skooma.
  • Harvest moon sugar.
  • Forge mine ledgers to divert ebony, dialonds and glass production.
  • Fulfill contracts.
  • Defend the cave from raiders attacks.

Reap the benefits:

  • Sell your contraband for immediate profit.
  • Invest your contraband to increase your weekly profits.
  • Keep and display a replica of each item invested. (paintings, Dwemer armour, weapons and artefacts)
  • Collect your weekly profits.
  • Choose the weekly purchase of supplies (arrows, soul gems, probes and picks, hammers, beverages).

Get ready to venture out:

  • Enchanted scripted backpack (compatible with Adventurer's backpack)
  • Trade dwemer coins for random items (enchanted jewelery, gemstones, skill books)
  • Craft your own arrows (poison, paralysis)
  • Find lucky coins (constant buff if carried)
  • Find a new enchanted leather set.
  • Craft lockpicks.
  • Find new enchanted weapons (a short blade, long blade and axe)

All the help you can get:

  • Sort, sell and invest your contraband in a single click.
  • Leave the accountancy to Hardly-Seen: she will handle the profits, purchases and black market trade.
  • Nixie is a cute albino nix-hound. She will return to her kennel.
  • Quest to tinker your own Centurion companion.
  • Get your backpack refilled with handy potions daily.
  • Basic food supplies replenish daily.
  • Get potted plants from Hardly-Seen.
  • Hardly-Seen knows all there is to know about smuggling.