A New Discord Server for Writers – The Morrowind Writers’ Guild!

A New Discord Server for Writers – The Morrowind Writers’ Guild!

The unique setting of Morrowind, and the numerous compelling stories and characters in it inspired authors all around the world to write some fantastic pieces of literature about their favorite game. Many of them have written in-game, and created quest and dialogue mods for it. Others have written fan fiction set in the universe of the Elder Scrolls, and Morrowind, in particular. And of course, there were some who have written essays or blog posts, in which they expressed their thoughts about the game and its world. In order to create a space for these authors, and those who enjoy their works, we have created The Morrowind Writers’ Guild Discord server.

What does our server offer to you?

- The opportunity to talk with some of the most prominent quest and dialogue mod authors and fan fiction authors, to discuss their works, and provide feedback on them

- The opportunity to submit your own writings and receive feedback on them, as well as to receive advice about becoming a better writer in general

- A well-regulated and safe environment for sharing our works, we aim to follow the principle of constructive criticism, and we have zero tolerance towards insults or other inflammatory remarks

- Discussions concerning the lore of the Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, modding, and writing

- An upcoming writing competition for the members of the server, with prizes (more information about this later)

To join us, please visit this link.