20 years of Morrowind, 20 years of memories

20 years of Morrowind, 20 years of memories

May 1st, Morrowind will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Morrowind is a journey we all took, but on separate roads and 20 years later, it's about time we met! Through interviews (more like informal chats) with modders, artists, authors, programmers, and content creators, I am hoping to show the many facets of Morrowind and its legacy.

AlienSlof's Journey

Bravest and first guest: AlienSlof, 150+ mods publishes across multiple games including Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim as well as 60+ fanfics

MickyD's Journey

MickyD, YouTuber and Twitch streamer

Dave Humphrey's Journey

Dave Humphrey is the founder of the UESP (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages), he also created (Hall of Fame) mods and tools for Morrowind.

Merlord's Journey

Merlord, modder and mmc admin

Gnomey's Journey

Gnomey is the current Tanriel rebuilt lead as well as a modder for Project Tamriel.

Zix's Journey

Zix is a Skywind modder.

Dominik Zdenković's Journey

Dominik Zdenković is a Concept Artist and Illustrator

Veriax's journey

Veriax is a YouTuber and Twitch live streamer.

Trainwiz's journey

Trainwiz is a modder and gamedev.

Ilona's Journey

Ilona is a concept artist and illustrator

TwoBitMatt's Journey

TwoBitMatt is the writing co-lead for Skywind

Psi29a's Journey

Psi29a is the current OpenMW lead

DarkElfGuy's Journey

DarkElfGuy is the host of Morrowind Modding Showcases and a modder.

RottenDeadite's Journey

RottenDeadite is an internationally recognized, award-winning mega-nerd for Elder Scrolls lore.