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Alakajam 1 & 2

The Story

Alakajam is very new to the gamejam scene but its creators are all experienced jammers intent on bringing the best of gamejams to Alakajam.
It started in June 2017 with a simple idea: have a place where gamedevs could get feedback on their games before growing into a few recurring events:





AKJ Tournament


Where we fit in

Official kick-off stream

Now that, was a lot of fun, some stress as well as it was a big first but let me tell you, definitely not the last.
Aurel and I hosted a stream to reveal the theme of Alakajam 2. It was basically a talk show where themes were gradually eliminated, polls were ran and things we said :)

Games were made

Aurel took part ( I helped with food and moral support, see how it works here)
Here are Aurel's entries so far:
Aurel placed well for both games <3

Livestreams were streamed

Here's the whole playlist



Long time Morrowind fan, I decided to get busy on YouTube and Twitch in 2016. Before that, I've been creating mods for Morrowind. I also enjoy the gamejam scene.

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