Alice in Skyrim

Alice in Skyrim
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Thank you, Danae, for allowing me to publish a part of my fan fiction on your website.
"Alice in Skyrim" is about Elisamsi, a former Ordinator of the Tribunal Temple, who got mortally wounded in a battle against a lich. In order to save her life, she decided to forsake her soul, and become a vampire. 200 years have passed since then, and it seems that adventure once again calls her, when she has to flee, because a group of vampire hunters occupy her castle and massacre everyone in her vampire clan. She decides to go to the West, to Skyrim, where the legendary Lord Harkon resides, in order to request his assistance in the battle against those who massacred her family and took her home from her. "Alice in Skyrim" is a sequel to my previous fan fiction titled "Alice in Vvardenfell" and it takes inspiration from Michael Kirkbride's C0DA. The aim is to make the story understandable for those who are not familiar with the prequel, but those who are familiar with it would definitely have more fun with the references to the previous text.
This is the first chapter of the fan fiction. By the time this chapter gets published on Danae's website, the second chapter will already be available at Archive of Our Own. Subsequent chapters are planned to be published in the upcoming weeks.

Alice in Skyrim by AliceL93

Chapter 1: The Lovers Meet

In my dream, I was a young girl, like I was in reality, countless years ago. Before becoming a vampire, before being an Ordinator, and before I even stepped outside to the world as a mere pilgrim of the Temple. I wasn’t in Maar Gan, my place of birth, anymore. It seemed like I was in Elsweyr. I have never been in Elsweyr during my life and un-life but I have read a description of it in a book, and the vision in my dream was similar to that. My dress was white, but my face wasn’t anymore. It was once again filled with life. A Nord warrior in golden armor was standing before me. He was surprisingly polite with me, despite the fact that I’m a Dunmer.

“I have been waiting for you for millennia, Alice. And I would wait for you for many more” He told me. He offered me his hand, which I took. He led me, in front of tens of thousands of warriors and soldiers. They made me think of the Imperial Legion, which occupied Morrowind back in the Third Era, however, it seemed like that their armors were more ancient, and more ornate. In the crowd, I have even spotted something which made me think of a dragon, a creature that perhaps never existed, and I have only seen depicted as a statue, in Ebonheart. “But I’m happy that you are here, and you could see this moment, my love.” The Nord told me. I didn’t understand why he called me his love. I have only been in love once in my life, and that person has been long dead, slain by the Argonian invaders.

“The Emperor wishes to say a word!” A battlemage exclaimed. The legionnaires immediately became silent.

The Emperor? I have had a hard time remembering who the Emperor was. When one becomes a vampire, the daily struggles of mortals, and insignificant things such as politics do not matter to them anymore. I remembered that the Septim dynasty died out, and the Mede dynasty took over. Why were we in Elsweyr? I knew that similarly to Morrowind, Elsweyr was not part of the Empire anymore either. Something was not right. That was the moment that I realized that it was only a dream, a nonsense dream that my mind made up, and I expected that I would wake up in a moment. But I didn’t. The Nord warrior started speaking, with everyone’s gaze on them:

“You have suffered for me to win this throne, and I see how you hate jungle. Let me show you the power of Talos Stormcrown, born of the North, where my breath is long winter. I breathe now, in royalty, and reshape this land which is mine. I do this for you, Red Legions, for I love you.”

In the next moment, the Nord started shouting in a language which I have never heard, but it filled me with primal fear. It made me think of the time when I was a mere pilgrim who first beheld the Ghostfence and the sublimity of Almsivi. I have seen a god, and witnessed a miracle. The ground was shaking, and from the throat of the Nord, pure magicka flew which under mere seconds expanded and covered the land. The land changed in front of my eyes. The jungle disappeared, and it became a temperate forest. The Nord said that the Legions hated this jungle, so one would have expected them cheering at the miracle that their god has performed, however when one sees a god, they feel insignificant like a worm. They all remained silent, and beheld the miracle like that. No one even said a whisper.

The Nord addressed me:

“Don’t fear, goddess. I wanted you to see this.”

“I’m not afraid, because it’s just a dream.” I lied. “And I’m not a goddess.” I continued. “A powerful vampire, who is feared by mortals, maybe. But I’m not full of myself as much as to think that I’m a goddess.”

In that moment, everything changed around us. The land disappeared, along with the legions. We were in nothingness. There was darkness all around us. I didn’t see the Nord either, but I saw a glowing stone. It looked like a heart. The light from its glowing illuminated the shape of a person in the darkness, who was completely black himself too, but a distinct black from the blackness around him. A shape of an elf, with a glowing heart. A heart which was torn out once, but was put back into his chest.

“Maybe this form of me suits you better? Thank you for giving back my Heart, Alice...” he addressed me.

“I sure don’t remember giving back the Heart of Talos, the god of the Imperials.” The nonsensical nature of this dream amused me, and as it seemed that I couldn’t wake up, I decided to have my fun with it.

“I’m not the god of the Imperials anymore. You have given back my Heart, my love, under Red Mountain…”

I remembered that back in my mortal life, the Dissident Priests told me that the Tribunal stole their powers from Lorkhan’s Heart, and the Nerevarine, whom I have accompanied on their mission to Dagoth Ur, freed the Heart and made both Dagoth Ur and Almsivi mortals once again.

“Are you Lorkhan?”

“I’m Lorkhan, or Shezarr, or Shor, my love. You have given back my Heart, and I am grateful, but I need your help once again.”

“I haven’t given back your Heart. It was the Nerevarine. It’s true that I have accompanied them, but whatever ritual was performed with your Heart, was not done by me. And I’m not your love, last I checked, my name is Alice, and not Kyne, or whatever.” As part of the Temple as a mortal, it was compulsory for me to study the various religions of Tamriel, and I have learned that according to the mythology of the Nords, Kyne was the wife of Shor.

“There is no Kyne. There is no Nerevarine. There are no gods, there are no mortals. There is only you, and me. You were right that this is just a dream. My dream, in which you intrude. But I welcome you, because I love you. It is our dream now. You are Kyne, you are the Nerevarine. You are every legionnaire in my army. You are that traveling merchant with whom you have talked once. That slave that you have seen whipped at Dren Plantation once. Those vampire hunters who helped you hunt down Raxle Berne. You have lived countless lives, died, and you were reborn again. You are whatever or whoever you want to be in this world that I have created. Tell me, what is the point of creating a world, if you cannot share it with someone? I share my world with you.”

He continued:

“From all of this dream, I wanted to show you that moment in the jungle. Remember that moment. You have that power too. To change reality with your mind. Use that power, and save me. Save our world, my love. I need your help.”

“Change reality with my mind? I’m pretty sure that reality will remain just the same, regardless of what I think.” I replied, sarcastically.

“Aren’t you a vampire queen feared by mortals right now?”

“Yes, but not because of my thoughts. Because of my actions.”

“Thoughts precede actions. You have become an immortal vampire, who is mightier than everyone, because first you wanted to be that. Magic is all about willpower. As you will it, so shall it be. Levitation, water walking, a fireball spell. They are all possible, because the magician believes that it is possible. Ask any mage, they’ll tell you. Do you think that the words that you utter when using a spell matter? A powerful Telvanni mage, like that Master Aryon that you used to know, would be able to conjure a fireball by saying “potatoes” only because he wants it. You have never believed that it is possible in this life of yours. Have you ever believed in anything? Even as an Ordinator, in service of Almsivi, did you believe in them? Why did you read heretical literature then? You have never believed that they are real gods, so you have created the Nerevarine and the Dissident Priests so that they would reconcile reality with truth.”

“The laws of the universe are set. I cannot possibly think of something which would oppose that. I wouldn’t be able to suddenly appear in the Summerset Isle when I wake up from this dream.”

“You would be, with a teleportation scroll, for example. Or a spell. Or a potion.”

“Which are things, not concepts in my mind.”

“It was once something in one’s mind, which they made reality with their thoughts. They have altered reality. Teleportation is just the beginning. You can reshape the land of an entire country, or even, dismantle this universe and create a new one. You are a goddess, and you must awaken this power inside you to save me. You have never been this close to it as in your current life. Your scepticism helped you finally see beyond the rigid dogmatism and formalism of religions. You have risen above the herd, and you rule over them, but still, you are so limited. The time for you to develop even further has arrived. You will once again believe in something, but this time, something which is actually true. You will know that all of this is true and not “nonsensical” as you are thinking now. You will soon wake up and you will be in danger. Prepare. It has been a pleasure talking with you again, my love.”

The vision faded. As I have slowly regained my consciousness, I have noticed something: the coldness of a blade at my throat. Somebody has intruded my home!

About Alice

I'm an autodidact modder of Morrowind. I'm mostly interested in the roleplaying aspect of the game, therefore I chiefly release new quest mods or tweaks of vanilla quests. (New choices and visible consequences) My mods are available on the Nexus. Besides modding I have also written a fan fiction set in Morrowind. I also have an Elder Scrolls-themed website which serves as a mirror for my mods, and has some other content as well (such as roleplay ideas).