Alice in Skyrim - Chapter 2

Alice in Skyrim - Chapter 2
Thank you, Danae, for allowing me to publish a part of my fan fiction on your website.
"Alice in Skyrim" is about Elisamsi, a former Ordinator of the Tribunal Temple, who got mortally wounded in a battle against a lich. In order to save her life, she decided to forsake her soul, and become a vampire. 200 years have passed since then, and it seems that adventure once again calls her, when she has to flee, because a group of vampire hunters occupy her castle and massacre everyone in her vampire clan. She decides to go to the West, to Skyrim, where the legendary Lord Harkon resides, in order to request his assistance in the battle against those who massacred her family and took her home from her. "Alice in Skyrim" is a sequel to my previous fan fiction titled "Alice in Vvardenfell" and it takes inspiration from Michael Kirkbride's C0DA. The aim is to make the story understandable for those who are not familiar with the prequel, but those who are familiar with it would definitely have more fun with the references to the previous text.
This is the second chapter of the fan fiction. By the time this chapter gets published on Danae's website, the third chapter will already be available at Archive of Our Own. Subsequent chapters are planned to be published in the upcoming weeks over there.

Alice in Skyrim by AliceL93

Chapter 2: The Tower Falls

Vampires do not need to sleep, because they are not alive, and thus they don’t have biological functions anymore. However, when one is immortal, (or at least, lived significantly longer than others) and they have all the time in the world, they would get bored after a while. I have slept a lot, due to the lack of better things to do. I didn’t have time to ponder about the strange dream that I have had, I knew that with that blade on my throat, I would have a fraction of a second to act. I opened my eyes, pushed the blade aside with my hands, which staggered my assassin. I jumped on him, and pushed him to the ground. I put my mouth to his neck but instead of sucking his blood, I just bit his neck. The pressure of my jaws broke his neck. My attacker had a partner, who shot a bolt with a crossbow at me. Luckily, in the commotion he could not aim well, and it hit my shoulder, instead of my heart. Since I was an Ordinator as a mortal, I remembered that vampire hunters used crossbows, because we, vampires, had a weakness, which was our heart. A crossbow made it possible for them to pierce through our armor with such power and precision that it would make us drop dead on the floor. The disadvantage of the crossbow was that it took a lot of time to reload, and my attacker botched his chance. I advanced towards him and tore him in two with my hands.

I was safe for the moment, however I knew that there were more of them than two. Otherwise they couldn’t have gone past everyone in my vampire clan and reached me. I pulled out the bolt from my shoulder. The wound wasn’t serious for an ancient vampire, however the blood spilling out ruined my white nightgown. I knew that I shouldn’t be reckless. I didn’t have time to change my outfit. I took my old backpack out from the closet in my room, which I have used when I was going out adventuring on my own. The vampire hunters had a moderate amount of gold on them, which I took. The only weapon that I could use and that was available in the vicinity was my mother’s old mace, a 200 years old rusty iron mace. Fortunately, my jewelry box contained the ring that I have taken from Marara and my chameleon amulet. I put everything away, and I used the chameleon enchantment to conceal myself. I stepped outside from my room.

The castle was teeming with vampire hunters. They have killed everyone. I saw the corpses of vampires all around the place, with bolts or stakes pierced into their hearts. As I was sneaking through the castle, I saw familiar faces among the dead: my mother, my father, my sister. I couldn’t reveal my presence, I had to escape as quickly and as quietly as possible, so I had to hold back my tears. Or at least, that’s how I justified the lack of feelings inside me. Siri died too. The two of us led this vampire clan together, and there was a rivalry between us, which was an open secret. With her being dead, it seemed that I had won, however with the rest of the clan being dead, now I cannot rule above anyone else, but myself.

Two vampire hunters approached me. I made sure not to make any noise.

“These bloodsuckers surely put up a fight. We have lost many good people today.”

“At least Isran’s revenge on the murderer of his family is complete. Volrina Quarra and all of her children are dead.”

Volrina Quarra? I killed Volrina Quarra myself centuries ago, and took over her clan. Did they mistake me for her? Whoever this Isran was, he was a good investigator, because he found the new lair of the clan, however at least, he couldn’t find out that Volrina was replaced by somebody else. His was the same old boring story: the mortal’s loved one is killed by the vampire, so he swears revenge and becomes a vampire hunter. It made me want to yawn, but that wouldn’t have been a good idea when I’m concealed in a castle full of vampire hunters. I concluded that whoever this Isran was, he must have been quite old, if his family was killed by Volrina Quarra, a long-dead vampire ancient. Nevertheless, he should be grateful for me instead of invading my home in such a rude manner, as I have taken care of his revenge long ago.

I have sneaked through the castle, room by room, with the chameleon enchantment concealing me. I have avoided confrontation with the vampire hunters. There was no chance that I could fight all of them alone, in a mere nightgown, without my armor covering my chest. They all had these deadly crossbows. These people were professional vampire hunters, with a lot of experience. I have decided to flee and look for help to reconquer the place later. But who could help me?
I arrived at the dungeon of the castle, and I saw that all of our “cattle” - mortal slaves kept around for their blood by vampires - were already killed, they were lying on their cells, with crossbow bolts pierced into their hearts. It also showed that these vampire hunters were not amateurs - one can never know whether they have already caught the disease which would turn them into a vampire, however back in the Tribunal Temple, we would have probably attempted to cure any freed cattle.

The dungeon contained a secret egress, which led right into the sea surrounding the island on which the castle stood. I would have needed to swim just a little to reach the shores of Vvardenfell and figure out what to do next. I didn’t really keep track of the time as an immortal, but luckily, even if it was daytime out there, the Red Year did a huge service to us, vampires. The skies above Vvardenfell and Morrowind were constantly covered by ash and smoke, and the sun could barely have an effect on us.

Suddenly, an idea dawned on me. A long time ago, I received a letter from the Volkihar Clan, and their leader, Lord Harkon. He wanted me to visit him in Skyrim. According to the legends, the Volkihar vampire clan were capable of freezing the blood of their victims in their veins and they lived under the ice of the remote, and haunted frozen lakes of Skyrim. If anyone could help me, then it would be these powerful and legendary vampires.

I resolved to go to Skyrim and seek out Lord Harkon Volkihar as soon as I could escape from that castle.

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I'm an autodidact modder of Morrowind. I'm mostly interested in the roleplaying aspect of the game, therefore I chiefly release new quest mods or tweaks of vanilla quests. (New choices and visible consequences) My mods are available on the Nexus. Besides modding I have also written a fan fiction set in Morrowind. I also have an Elder Scrolls-themed website which serves as a mirror for my mods, and has some other content as well (such as roleplay ideas).
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